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Wow! She is my goal in body and hair!!

How I love being a black woman!!! :D

My tendency is to prefer voluptuous women over any other body type. But I’ve been told my more than one of my fellow y-chromosome bearers that athletic (slender) women are better because they are more flexible and can therefore get into more sex positions, so sex is less likely to get boring with them. Well, first, I’ll consider myself lucky if I ever have enough sex for that to be a problem. But secondly, these pictures prove that body type has no bearing on flexibility. So yeah, I’ll stand by my original assessment.


A list of 40 harmful effects of Christianity:

1. The discouragement of rational, critical thought.
2. Vilification of homosexuality, resulting in discrimination, parents disowning their children, murder, and suicide.
3. Women treated like second-class citizens based on religious…



What is something that makes your heart break?

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I’m curious to understand why you rank atheism on a list of things that break your heart alongside child abuse, racism and being lied to. Those three break my heart too, but do you really view atheism in the same…

The fact that she used a capital “A” on the word atheism says a lot.

Okay, time for me to rant, because I’ve absolutely reached the limit of my B.S. tolerance. First off, I fully support Phil Robertson’s right to express his views on homosexuality, because this is America and we don’t believe in censorship. For the same reason I fully support GQ’s right to publish said views. I support A&E’s right to sever ties with Robertson because, again, this is America and they are under no obligation to continue allowing Robertson to use their network as a platform for his views. I completely support your right to agree or disagree with said views. I also support the rights of myself and others of like mind to call them ignorant, bigoted and hateful. I support the rights of members of the LGBT community to be outraged at Robertson’s remarks because their lives are the ones most adversely affected by the prejudices of people like him. And finally, I absolutely, completely, 100% support the right of anyone who has a problem with this state of affairs to go fuck themselves sideways with the business end of a prickly pear.

It’s time for the Republican Party to die. It’s long been common knowledge that GOP members in the House and Senate despise Obama first because he’s black and secondly because he’s black AND a Democrat. But it’s now apparent that pursuing their vendetta against him is a higher priority to them than serving the American people. These people belong in kindergarten, not the Capitol Building. Anyone who voted Republican in the last round of elections should feel duly incensed.

Things I Don’t Get But Of Which I’m Nonetheless Aware

Fishing - Some people would rather fish than fuck. Some feel closer to their deity with a rod and reel in their hands than they do in their house of worship. I’d do it if I had to to survive, but as recreation it just seems like a whole lot of nothing. Wet, smelly nothing. After two minutes I would be pining for my guitar. But of course, that would scare the fish away.

Hunting - Again, I’d do it if my survival depended on it, but I wouldn’t take any pleasure in it. Picture this: you’re on an excursion in the forest when you reach a clearing. Blue sky above, green grass below. Wild flowers scattered throughout. Tall conifers on either side, and somewhere in the center the field declines, so that you can’t see where it ends, but behind it looms a bright grey snow-topped mountain. Now, into this already magnificent view wanders the biggest, handsomest, largest-antlered buck you’ve ever seen. What’s your first impulse? If it’s “HOO BOY, SHOOT THAT FUCKER!” you lose. Put on your dunce cap and go sit in the corner.

Lesbian Porn - Specifically, the straight male fascination with it. Do you know what a lesbian is to me? A woman who’s not interested in men. Yeah, that’s hot. Sorry, but I just don’t hate myself enough to be turned on by that. And while I’m thinking about it…

Contortionism - Just what is sexy about this? Twisting one’s body into unnatural positions doesn’t float my boat, it makes me cringe. “Don’t do that! You’ll break yourself!” I’m told that sex with a contortionist is never boring because they have more options for different positions. Shit. I’ll count myself damn lucky if I ever have anywhere near enough sex for that to be a problem. You know, I said it to a really curvy stripper once, and I’ll say it to any other interested chick who might be reading this: You want to turn me on? Walk sexy. That’s all you have to do.

Motor Racing - Waste of gas. And frankly that’s the last thing we need. Seriously, all this worry over carbon emissions and global warming, not to mention peak oil, and NASCAR gets a free pass? These guys are basically driving around in circles, at suicidally reckless speeds, for seven or eight hours straight. Where’s the outrage? Ecology be damned, you don’t take a redneck’s Daytona 500 away from him. Race car drivers should be running or riding bikes instead, but I guess it’s just not as exciting if there’s no chance of a fiery, bloody crash. I grant you, the difference to our environment made by eliminating motor sports would probably be negligible, but to me the whole thing looks like a big fat celebration of exactly the kind of wasteful excess that’s going to bring down civilization before I reach retirement age.

Sports Fanaticism - You form ridiculously irrational team loyalties, you fill your head with a lot of useless statistics, you spend your hard-earned money on team logos and memorabilia, and meanwhile you gain another ten pounds on the couch because all you’re doing is watching other people play. Love the game so much? Then get off your ass and play it yourself. It’ll be a far more rewarding experience.

Bad Reputation (Atheist Blues) (by Chris Pepper)

Here’s My Little Thanksgiving Sentiment
Here’s my little Thanksgiving sentiment: this universe has been in existence for about thirteen and a half billion years if not more. Cosmically speaking, one human lifespan, from conception to death, lasts less than a blink of an eye. So if you happen to be reading this, then you are lucky and should be thankful. Why? Because you are alive. Of the incomprehensibly vast amount of available time, this just happens to be the moment when you exist. There are so many people who were once alive but aren’t any more, and whether they lived fulfilled lives or died without ever finding their fulfillment, they are gone now. Their time is over. Now is your time. Don’t waste it.
For A Certain Person…

I know there are lots of men who would personally love to be the reason you have to pull out the rosary at your next confession.  I’m not one of those men, but I would love to be the reason you finally throw it away for good.